Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogging the life

Last winter, I was talking with my friend Amy -

(I wish you all could meet Amy. She's a talented musician, dancer, writer, artist and so much more. You know how some people are a ray of sunshine in your life?
Well, Amy is a kleig light!

- and we were both talking about our lives and how people are always saying - "You should write a book." We both agreed that the fact is, (and I have many writing friends with very complex lives who would dispute this, but to me it is a fact!) it is really hard to live these complicated, fast-paced, multi-layered lives and chronicle them at the same time!

This blog helps with that. It is a way to chronicle our lives and to share things with our friends at the same time. But for it to be an even partially accurate chronicle, it needs to be updated regularly. And there isn't always time to fine tune a post and still get it done. Many of my recent posts have been written near midnight.

The last few days I have posted writings that are very, very, very rough drafts. The editor in me quails when I read over them. There are parts that are indecipherable. Sorry...

But they are there, so, someday, if we make a book, my internal editor can go back and fix all the horrid run-on sentences, make sense out of the obscure wanderings and fill in the gaping holes in the thought processes. Some day.

I think one of the reasons Amy likes hanging out with me is that lots of older people tell her that one day she'll grow old and settle down. Well, the growing older is a given, but I can be her shining proof that settling down does not have to happen!

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