Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Louie, a modern mystery

There is very little that you can't google up any more. Research tasks that used to take weeks are now fulfilled at the click of a mouse. So it is surprising when you find something that you cannot find information about.

This summer we were lucky enough to purchase several lots of unique spinning wheels, looms and other fiber arts equipment. There were many beautiful antique pieces. Most of them I could research on the web and include all the information with the item. But one of the most beautiful, has also been one of the most elusive.

This spinning wheel is stamped on the bottom with the maker's name, Louie Golob, the date, 1986, the number, #62 and the maker's address.

I googled Louie Golob and found a nice article about his history and how he started making wheels. I sent a note to the address and got back a copy of the article that is on the web.

I am still trying to find more information on this wheel. I am getting quite fond of it. The wheel is a joy to spin on, I am currently spinning lace weight corridale/angora blended on it into a wonderful, fine, soft yarn. But I do want to know more about it, and it's maker. I am posting queries to several of the online groups I belong to.... do you have a Louie - or know anything about them?


Anonymous said...

I've just been reading your last few posts - great writing, fine ideas. What a lovely person you are - here is a big hurray for fairy tales!

Dianna from SK

Ginny said...

Louie Golob was my Uncle. He was my father's brother. He made several different kinds of spinning wheels. I am also the owner of one of his wonderful creations. I spent many summer vacations with my Uncle and he could also 'spin' many stories of how he came to America!

Jenonthefarm said...

Ginny, I would love to learn more about your Uncle and his spinning wheels. I was just sharing my Loie today with my Sheep to Shawl class. If you'd like to visit more, please email me at jenonthefarm @ gmail . com