Sunday, August 12, 2007

The gypsies decide to stay planted - for a bit

One of our big priorities on the way home, and after arriving was to find a new show to replace the Meeker Classic Sheep Dog Trials, where we have had a booth at the wool show.

It was a great show and it gave us a chance to stay with Shawn's folks, but it is now just too far to drive.

We have had booths at the Soldier Hollow Classic in Utah in the past, and lots of people told us that the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair, held in Salt Lake City was fantastic, but if northern Colorado is too far to drive from Fox, Arkansas - then Utah certainly is!

We considered two shows in Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival was a strong temptation... maybe we'll try it in a few years, but right now that would put us away from the farm toooooo much. The Pennsylvania Endless Mountains Fiber Festival looked like fun, but it's really not a lot closer than Utah.

The two shows we were REALLY seriously considering were the World Sheep and Fiber Festival in Bethel, Missouri. We had contacted them last spring about teaching and vending, but with the move, it took a back burner. It seems like a great show.
And I was very interested in the Cajun Lagniappe Fiber Arts For_'em, held in Reeves, Louisiana. I thought it would help us make good contacts for the time we spend at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.
And, it's not held Labor Day weekend,
but it is in September, and we really do want to include the Great Plains Renaissance Festival in Wichita, Kansas, in our show schedule. Some year....

Right now, our next scheduled show is
the Wool Festival at Taos, where both of us are scheduled to teach.

And, with everything happening here on Foxbriar, we have decided to stay home, build stock, work on the new designs and plant a fall garden. I don't think there's any hope of our growing roots, but maybe we can get our feet back under us.

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