Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nourishing imagination

A Renaissance festival is many things to many people. To me, it has always been a way to encourage people to look at life a little differently. When I was a costumer, I wanted to show people how beautiful they were. When I created the kids capes, I wanted to get kids moving around and using their imaginations.

And now, with Common Threads, we are fostering dreams in another direction.
Teacher Jenny (left) runs a school for the children of the Renaissance folks. The kids study regular subjects, and then Jenny takes them around to take advantage of all the other learning that is available in the festival environment.

We were so lucky she found us this year. On Thursda's her school would knock on our back door and we would take a delightful break from making stock to regenerate our enthusiasm for our craft by sharing it with the kids.

Then, during the weekend, they would stop by and show off the wonderful creations they were spinning and weaving. They were weaving the most incredible shawls for their dolls and they left one with us to show off what you can do on a one-foot triloom.

Thanks Jenny and Vi and Little Shawn and all the other kids. I'm so glad we could nourish each other's imaginations!

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