Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fleece reservations

On a side note, I just saw that yesterday's post was the 200th I'd written on this blog. There might just be some kinda book in here someday!

I am starting to take reservations for our 2011 fleeces. Thyme's fleece and one of the kid mohairs are already reserved. We will be shearing the week of March 29th and should have all fleeces skirted and ready to ship by April 15. We will skirt them and pick out the worst vm, but we have not put coats on most of the critters this year, so the fleeces will not be as clean as they have been in the past. We are still fighting cockleburrs and so you might find the occasional one.
I will be happy to email pics for your approval of the fleece after we shear and I will send you a paypal invoice for the fleece cost plus shipping before we ship. If you have any questions, or want to reserve a fleece - email me at jenonthefarm @ gmail . com

Visit us for our Shearing Days event March 29-31 to pick out your own fleeces from the ones that aren't reserved and take them home with you. email for more info.

The price for most 2011 raw fleeces -
Jacob wool - $12.00/lb
Chocolate corriedale cross fleece - $10.00/lb
White icelandic - $12.00/lb
Prime wool fleeces - $14/lb (especially cool colors and textures and only one of each!)

Mohair -
Kid - $14/lb (choice of pewter or silver)
Adult fine - $10/lb
Adult coarse (rugs or...) $8/lb

Also, we will have a few fiber wether sheep, ewes and older angora goat does for sale. After lambing and kidding we will have dairy goat kids and lambs for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

I'll list a few a day, so just keep an eye to see which on you want, or send a request to see a particular fleece.

Dixie's fine mohair -



Flash's wild wool

Cowslip's boy

Dixie is a coming three year old angora doe. Her fleece is a fluffy medium gray and still spinnably fine. The hat I wear all winter is made from Dixie's fleece.

Dixie usually shears about 3 pounds, though this spring's fleece seems a bit light. Her staple is usually 3-4 inches.

Dixie's fleece can be reserved for $10/lb

Flash's Wild Wool -

Flash is Pennyroyal's son and he will be remaining in our flock as a fiber wether. His fleece is currently almost 9-inches long and very locky.

His coloring is pretty uniform white and chocolate.

Flash is a 2010 lamb and this will be his first shearing. I expect about 2 lbs of skirted fleece.

Flash's fleece is available to reserve for $14/lb

Cowslip's boy -

Cowslip has the Corriander line of spongy soft fleeces. This year she had twins by Dapper Dan, who is out of our locky line of fleeces. This boy seems to have a good curly combination of both.

His fleece is dense and he is a good sized lamb. This will be his first shearing and I expect about 2 lbs of skirted wool.

He is for sale as a fiber wether after shearing for $75.00

His fleece is available to reserve for $12/lb.

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