Saturday, January 15, 2011

How much yarn will this wool make?

You have mastered your drop spindle and now you are looking at that beautiful wool roving. All those gorgeous colors and textures! But how can you figure out how much fiber you need?

Many people ask us the question - how much yarn will this knot of roving make?

That question is hard to answer, it depends on how much roving is in the knot, the fiber, how well it is prepared and how evenly you spin. But it is possible to approximate how many yards you can spin from one ounce of roving.

You can use this guide as a basic outline.
WPI means Wraps Per Inch. Wind your yarn around a regular wooden ruler and see how many wraps there are in each inch. I wrap several inches and take an average.

If you spin: 
Worsted Weight Yarn {12 WPI} You will get: 56 to 75 yds/ounce
Bulky Yarn {10 WPI} 38 to 50 yds/ounce
Sport Weight Yarn {14 WPI} 75 to 113 yds/ounce
Fingering Weight Yarn {16 WPI} 119 to 150 yds/ounce
Lace Weight Yarn {18 or more WPI} 163 + yds/ounce
Very Bulky Yarn {8 or less WPI} 25 to 31 yds/ounce

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