Monday, January 31, 2011

More fleeces

Fritillary does not want to pose for a picture
Here's a few more fleeces for your consideration. If you see one that strikes your fancy just leave a comment and I'll reserve it for you.

This evening I'm listing Fritillary's (those of you who follow the etsy store know the story of her first shearing yarn) This will be her second shearing. The first netted six skeins of super soft single ply, that I then plied with dyed wool into a super nice yarn.

I expect her to shear 2-3 pounds of nice kid mohair curls with a 3-4 inch staple. No promises, just educated guessing. She has not been wearing a coat (you try to keep a coat on a fat little butterfly goat!)

Fritillary's fleece, still attached
Her well skirted fleece will be $14/lb.


Thyme, with her daughter Nessie behind her.
 Finesse, fondly known as Nessie, is a fine, delicate beautiful little Jacob sheep lamb. She is the daughter of our oldest ewe, Thyme. She is a bit inbred and was not a planned baby. Thyme had other plans than ours and had Nessie when she was 11-years-old last spring. Nessie's sire is Dapper Dan, who is out of Basil, Thyme's other daughter in our flock.

Nessie's baby fleece looks locky and will probably weigh in at less than 2 pounds when skirted.

Her fleece will be $12/lb.

Chalcedony, our one icelandic ewe

 Chalcedony is our one purebred icelandic ewe. She is a beautiful sheep. She has the triple layer fleece that is common to all icelandics and she has to be sheared twice a year. This spring I expect her  fleece staple to be about 9 inches because I sheared her early in September.

She tends to put on way too much weight and the heat is hard on her.

She will likely shear 6 lbs and I will split this fleece into one pound lots if requested. The under coat is downy and felts easily. The long outer locks are beautiful, but not soft.

Her well skirted fleece is $14/lb


Unknown said...

Hi Jeanette,

I sure like the looks of Frittilary's fleece and would like to reseve it please.


Jenonthefarm said...

Hi Julia, It's yours :-)