Sunday, January 08, 2012

How to make a sheep grain feeder

One 12-foot sheet of tin, salvaged from a barn that came
down in the ice storm. Two 12-foot 2X4's from's. the same barn.
Several shorter 2X4 and yearling sheep to watch the construction.
(For a how to build a sheep feeder, read the captions on the photos.)

 Lena and I have been wanting to get these feed troughs made for... a long time. Today, we finally just did it.

We also put out fresh salt blocks for every pen, putting them in tipped over water tubs. We used the water tubs that had leaks. Hopefully these will keep the salt blocks from dissolving.

We also weaned Little Brother and put him in with Boomer in the young sheep pen and moved Finesse back in with the main flock.

Twelve self tapping roofing screws, power drill and bit.

Attach the tin to the 2X4's, leaving a little wood at the top,
so that the tin doesn't scrape necks or pull wool.
We checked eyes, body condition score and feet on most all the sheep and goats - and trimmed some feet.
Cut two 2X4's 17-inches long. Pre-drill screw holes, bow up
the tin and attach them at each end of the feeder.

Cut six 13-inch long legs and predrill. Attach them to the
main side 2X4's.
 We re-tarped the hay stack, in anticipation of rain tonight and counted hay bales, about 100 left. Since we feed about 2 a day, we need to look for some alternative feed. I've checked a the Co-op about ordering some beet pulp.

We re-tarped the sheep tent with the bigger tarp from the hay stack and made sure the sides were covered.

We took the old tarp from the sheep tent and covered the junk pile.

It's a good thing I wrote all this down, because until I sat and did this, I thought I was having a lazy day today!
Put a cross bar 2X4 about 1" off the ground at each end, to
add stability and help keep grain from getting pushed out
the ends.

Calliope' Jane and Elizabeth discuss the new feeder. Note
the salt lick along the west fence. These tipped over tubs
work to keep the salt from dissolving in the rain, yet allow
the sheep access to the salt block.


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