Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leaving, on a jet plane

I'm headed out this morning, first to Little Rock to catch a flight to Denver and from there, to where ever I'm needed. I wish the situation was different. Oh, how I wish that. But I am thankful I can go.
I so love my daylilies, Thanks Charles and Linda!

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who came together to help so that I could go be there for my family in the aftermath of the Black Forest Fire. I promised I would blog to let everyone who has put their hearts out there for my family know what was happening. It's the least I can do for all of you who care so deeply and have shared so much.

The last few days have been busy with preparation to go to Colorado. That included a lot of paperwork at work and delegating a lot of tasks to a lot of already busy people. The Ozark Folk Center is such an incredible place to call home!

I had a commitment this past weekend with Tina Marie and Tango to demonstrate at the 40th Anniversary Celebration at Blanchard Springs Caverns. Of course, the donkey stole the whole show. He was a gentleman throughout the afternoon, even when you couldn't see the donkey through all the children.
Helping Tina and Tango promote the Ozark Folk Center.

Part of the prep for being away included giving Pequena her summertime saddle haircut
And then there were farm chores to catch up on. Even in times of disaster and heartache, life continues. I got the last of the garden planted. Okra now rounds out the year's plantings. It's a funny mix this year, should make for some interesting meals this fall and winter.

I gave Pequena her summertime saddle haircut. She orgled and gurgled and spit the whole time, but stood still so we made it a short ordeal. She's 8-years-old now, she ought to be getting used to this process. She so loves to be able to really scratch her back now.

Of course, Lena and Shawn will take great care of everything on the farm while I'm gone. Everybody at work will make sure all the details are taken care of there. It's all covered, so I can go try to help my family. Thank you all so much.

Packing this morning has been a challenge. I want to take what I'll need, so I am not a burden on an over-burdened system. Boots, jeans, heavy gloves... I want to take things for my parents. My Aunt Jeannie and I keep talking on the phone about things we see in our house that we want to send to them. When I washed the fry pan last night, I wanted to take them my extra set of cast iron pans. Jeannie keeps finding family treasures that she wants to send - and blankets and towels. All silly things to think of at this stage. What good is a cast iron pan to someone who no longer has a stove. The thoughts are all so confusing. I'm hoping it will be easier when I am out there. Then I can see what we really can do to help.

Nilly is positively fat in the new cut hay field. I think she's looking so good because of all the hugs Bettie sends her from North Dakota! Energy from afar really does help.
Those of you at OFC who read this, please share it with everyone who doesn't. I know so many of you wish you could be going to physically help all the folks in Colorado. Keep sending your thoughts, energy and prayers. It all helps. And I promise I will let you know if there is anything else you can do.

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