Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quiet day of thankfulness

Yesterday was a day of grocery and clothes and shoe shopping for my folks - and finding the important stores in Lakewood, Colorado. My i-phone was a great help in locating routes and the stores that my mom had coupons for. My dad said he'd miss me when I go home, but he'll miss my "silly little box", too. Over the last two years I've really come to appreciate my hand computer/i-phone.

My dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen in Hildy's house. The windows look out on the sun room.
Today is a day to rest and regroup before we go back to the property to sift ashes tomorrow. There are things we still hold out hope of finding...

This house that my friend Julia and her family (their mother Hildly's house) have loaned my folks is a treasure in itself. Surrounded by trees and gardens, it is full of books and comfy chairs. It has big windows and lots of light. It comes equipped with two cats, bird feeders and plants to water. It is a wonderful place for them to begin to recover.
The green house in Hildy''s house
I'm going to try to catch up on a little of the work I brought with me, while my dad tries to put together their list of  doctor's phone numbers, other business information and all the minutia of life that we tend to store in our house and not think about. My folks were just discussing whether or not they had cancelled their milk delivery. How wonderful it had been to live in a place where they still had milk delivered. I said it would be pretty obvious to the milk man if he tried to deliver milk that there wasn't a house there any more. Most conversations end up being bittersweet like that.

Thanks again to everyone.

Looking out the sun room windows in Hildy's house at the bird feeders.

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Panamamama said...

Beautiful home. Sending love to your folks.