Friday, June 07, 2013

Garden ties - more of 52 things to do with an old tshirt

And then there are the little bits left over
As I was mulching the baby blueberries and giving them some more of the wonderful used coffee grounds that they love, I could see that a few of them could us some help staying inside their supports. But they are delicate little baby blueberries. Baling twine would be too rough, ziplock ties too hard, cotton string too cutting fine.
Then I thought about the tshirt scraps left on my cutting table from the bag I'd just made. The perfect wide, soft, gentle blueberry ties.
The berries are hitting pink blush stage right now. Just another week... or two. I'll have a hard time sharing this year. After all, a plant that thrives on coffee grounds has got to be MY plant. And since I only buy fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee, I am very happy to share the grounds with my blueberry plants.

The strawberries have been giving me about one ripe berry an evening. Makes for a sweet reason to check the garden when I get home from work. Leesa's blackberries are getting huge. They'll be about the size of plums! But they are still green.
The black raspberries are ripening a few a day... and I have shared some of them with Shawn and Lena. They are delicious.
Tshirt soft - the best garden ties for baby plants.
I can't decide whether or not to let this year's little elderberries make berries. They have flower clusters, but I want them to establish roots, so I think I'll trim them back this year.
Maybe now that June is here and work is less frenetic, I'll have time to keep ya'll updated with things here on Havencroft Farm.

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