Friday, June 21, 2013


My brother and I had a wonderful long talk tonight and he expressed what he is feeling wonderfully. We grew up in a military family.
Other people have PLACES where their memories are.
I can't answer the question, "Where are you from?" I usually just say, "I'm an Army brat."
Other people grew up some place, in a community or two and they can go back to those places and see those people.  We grew up around the world, the people we can go back to see are my parents, my brothers and me - and all our memories of childhood and the wonderful exotic lands we lived in were in the wonderful things that were in this house.
The people all survived - and that is what's important, and for that I am so thankful - but it doesn't mean there's not a lot to grieve.
The pillars of the front porch on the right, the railing that went up the back porch steps on the bottom left. What is left of a beautiful three story, high ceiling house full of light and beauty.

My dad, greenhouse and garden

It was a stump of a pine tree

The front of the car shop

Where the fire almost came through

The Triumph, and other less famous cars.

The 'Vette

The reverse 911 call came at 4:00 p.m. - the electric clock on the wall of the shop stopped at of the scariest things I saw all afternoon. I'm pretty sure that's when the fire hit the power pole behind this building. And I am more thankful than ever that my family got out.

The fire almost came through the fire-proof isulation

the outside of the car shop

Looking through the "forest" to the front porch pillars
Thanks to everybody who has chipped in so that I can be here with my family. It is good to be here, not that there is much I can do, I still think I am helping just by being here. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes, they really help, too. Keep them coming. I'll write more better words later, for now, goodnight all.

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