Sunday, June 12, 2011

Linkchasing to bright hope

I don't think of myself as an old curmudgeon. In fact, I think of myself as a young kid who is finally getting enough life experience that I might have an opinion worth expressing. However, over the last several years I have been part of conversations lamenting the direction of the human race and the "fact" that kids today don't know how to make things with their hands or even how to cook. What's the world going to come to if the people of the future can't even feed themselves or construct clothing or shelter?

This morning I was finishing an etsy conversation with a young woman who was interested in carrying my rugs in her store. I just don't have the time right now to spin and weave enough to stock any more than the few shows and local stores that I already do. But I checked out her metrode store and was very impressed by the style and artistry.

Then I started following links. Wow!

I read my way through a number of fantastic blogs describing young women who are making their living designing and creating beautiful clothing, pottery, furniture, backpacks and more. This led me to think about the local young people I know who are very talented. Bonnie Mergl is a young artist who creates beauty all around her and she built her own house, from scratch. Leo Kempf designs utterly fantastic furniture - and chicken houses.

On July 9 I'm joining a bunch of young artisans at the first ever Indie Art and Music Festival in Little Rock. I've looked through the links of vendors and bands. They are all young and mostly urban. They are excited about making things and music, by hand, in their own way.

And I am excited to get to go work with them. It gives me bright hope for the future.

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