Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rain and web surfing

Sweet blessed rain!

Just yesterday we were worrying about how dry it was and whether or not we needed to start pulling goats off the yard.

This morning rolled in with the thing we moved to Arkansas for - sweet, blessed rain.

It's now a beautiful cool morning and I'm going to ask Lena to do chores, because it's pouring.

She's good at doing things like that - yesterday she picked the first of the blackberries on Foxbriar (solstice = blackberries!) just for me, because she does not like them. But I shared a bowlful with Shawn.

Lena picking the first blackberries
of the season on Foxbriar.
And, obviously, I don't spend enough time online. I just discovered blogher.com this morning, while I was checking email and avoiding writing a press release I need to get finished or posting the soap on the etsy store like I'd promised. I'll keep the tab open and read it tonight after I get my work and work and chores done.

Something new to explore.

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