Sunday, June 26, 2011

Real Music

The last two days several of us from the Ozark Folk Center have been at the Red, White and Blue festival in Mountain Home, Arkansas.
Last night, as our musicians were playing (Roger Fountain on fiddle, Carl Adkins on guitar and vocals and Carolyn Carter on guitar and vocals) a young lady came up and asked earnestly if they knew "Boil them cabbage down". They replied with equal seriousness that they were indeed familiar with the old classic. Roger asked her if she could play it.
Making real music in Mountain Home
She allowed that she had studied it in her fiddle lessons. And right there, Roger offered her his fiddle to play it for them. She took the fiddle and held the bow correctly, but had a bit of stage fright with all the people suddenly watching her. Roger praised her stance and said he had another fiddle with him and perhaps they could play it together.
They played together and soon Carl and Carolyn were backing them up on the guitars. It was a sweet afternoon.
This is truly keeping music alive.

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