Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Settling in to summer

Since I haven't been updating much, I read back through the last few blog posts. Yes, I'm fine. Work, mostly, has presented challenges this spring, but I think it is for the good, in the long run.
Some of the Havencroft angora flock at breakfast
Looking at the sales list, we still have sheep for sale, but the only goat left for sale is Frappucino, a yearling wether oatmeal colored angora. I don't keep wethers as a rule and he's being replaced by his newborn brothers - Gadget, Gizmo and Glitch. Glitch was supposed to be born Gigi, but there was a glitch. They have a "big" sister named Gamma, who is a badger face black. She's a full 6-days older than the boys and she lords it over them. The boys were all born in a 24 hour time span, two of them on my birthday! They are identical triplet black bucks, out of three different mommies.
The weather has gone from cold and wet, almost 29 inches of rain in May to HOT and dry. It's been in the high 90's and up without a cloud in the sky all June. Between the muck of May and the scorching heat of June, we don't have a garden this year. It feels weird and makes for challenging conversation when you can't talk about the garden, but we'll just buy from farmer's market.
The sheep are screaming for their breakfast, so I'd better go feed. Hope all is well in your world.

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