Friday, June 14, 2013

My family is safe and that's what matters

It's official, My parents and brother and sister-in-law's home is totally gone. But they are all safe. That is what is important. Treasures can be re-hunted,  new works of art can be quilted, carved, stitched, woven and painted; necessities can be bought. Houses can be built or bought and with time, turned into homes. People are unique, precious and irreplaceable.

My family is safe and I am so thankful.
Family is what's important. And they are all safe. Picture taken this past Christmas at my folks house. 

I am very thankful to the El Paso County sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement folks who braved the fire to assess the damaged areas. There is a relief in knowing. Now those who know can move on to the details of insurance, new housing, clothing and transportation.

 Many of our dear friends and family-of-the-heart have offered help from transportation to fully furnished house complete with kitty cats. Thank you all for taking care of my folks (and me!).

I am flying out there next week. By then, maybe I can help in some way. This morning they announced that under current conditions, they think they'll have the fire under control by June 20.

My dad said, "A hug would be nice, but there's nothing you can do. Don't come out."

Sorry Daddy, I need a hug. See you Wednesday.

My parents got the trailer and Suburban out. The corner of their house shows on the right of the photo. This picture was taken before they went to Alaska in 2007. 

My brothers and me in front of Scott's "car house." While the status of an outbuildings is still unknown, there is little hope for this structure and the 12 cars inside.


RunningWhit said...

I'm so glad your family is safe.

Unknown said...

Whoa... I guess this answers my question. I knew they had property there, but I thought they lived elsewhere. I'm so glad they are all safe! A forest fire went through Wetmore during a high wind and a co-worker at the courthouse lost his home, and his wife's lunch wagon that they would take to festivals like Rocky Mountain Hay Fever in Westcliffe and Blossom Weekend in CaƱon. While the important thing is that no-one lost their life, it is still devastating. And the insurance companies! Well let's just say I hope your folks fare better than Mike and Laura have. I'm sending light and love to all and a big cyber hug to you! elf

P. S. This won't make much sense unless you've already read the email I sent earlier. Love ya!